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Chainless, Chapter 7

I was scared that anyone would recognize me or follow us… And well it’s my car, it wouldn’t be too hard finding out who I was for all the Papatazzi. I pushed the bad thoughts away. I was going to figure it out later, maybe it won’t cause any problems.

Justin and I didn’t talk for a while and we already drove at least 20 minutes. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Of course, what makes you think that something could possibly be wrong?” He asked, looking at me and then focusing back on the street. “Well.. You didn’t talk at all…” I replied. “Don’t worry, everything’s alright.” He shortly answered. “So… Where are we going, since you didn’t answer earlier..” I said. “I won’t tell you. All I’m saying is, we’re almost there.” Excuse me this is my car, ugh.

Ten minutes later Justin parked next to a small forest and stepped out of the car. I followed him and after I locked the car I realized that he wanted to go into that forrest. “Justin?” I started. “Hm?” He said turning around. “Did you not realize I’m wearing Heels?” I said. “I did realize and it’s hard to ignore them because you look extremely hot wearing them, but we’ll walk through this forrest, whether you walk alone or I’m carrying you. Again.” I let out a deep sigh and we both started walking again. I concentrated on not tripping over anything so I didn’t realize that Justin stopped walking and fully ran into him. He fell down, but I managed to stop myself from tripping.

I couldn’t help but laugh at him, laying there. He looked hot though. Then he took my hand and dragged me into the dirt right next to him. “Justin!” I shouted. Now we both were laughing. “You’re an ass!” I said. “Probably. But I would’ve helped you instead of just laughing about you.” He answered. “Oh yeah?” - “Okay… I’d also admire the sight for a moment because you still look amazing.” Don’t blush don’t blush don’t blush.

Before I realized it, his soft lips were touching mine. We moved closer to each other. The kiss grew hotter with each and every passing second. And just when I was about to let his tongue slide into my mouth, he slowly moved away from my lips and got up.


"We need to keep going." or I’ll take you right here. Fucking Hormones.


Did I do something wrong? Do I have smelly breathe? Oh my god! I stopped myself from completely freaking out and grabbed the hand he reached out to me to get up. “So, are we leaving now or?” Please say yes. I want to take a shower. With him. Oh shut up I mentally shouted at myself. What is he doing to me? But he looks hot let’s be real. I hate him.

"Nuh-uh, I wanted to show you something, and I’m still gonna show you." He kept holding my hand and around five minutes later we reached the end of the forest. I looked around. It was amazing. Such a beautiful place. A lake that was around 50 feet underneath us glowing underneatch the now shinning moon. It feels like I’m in a movie… I could swear I’m hearing a beautiful melody in the background that perfectly fit the Situation. "This is… amazing." I breathed out.

"Do you still want to leave?" He smiled bright. I didn’t say anything back, I just smiled back at him. "And now we jump into the water!" He shouted. "No! Are you kidding me?" I almost shouted back. "Yes, I’m kidding you." I rolled my eyes. Don’t ruin the moment, Justin." I laughed. We sat down and starred at the water, the moon, enjoying each others company.

It became colder, but before I even started freezing, Justin held me in his arms. He kissed my forehead, like he did earlier today. “We should leave.” He whispered into my ear. “Mhm.” I simply answered. I got up first and helped him afterwards. “Thank you, Justin.” I smiled. I hugged him deeply, took a last look at the scenery and then we walked back to my car, luckily not falling this time.

We arrived at my car and Justin was the one driving again. We both were silent. It wasn’t awkward nor did I feel uncomfortable. He was… amazing. A word that we probably use way too often for things that are far away from the level of Justin’s amazing.

We parked back where he had his concert earlier. Tonight I saw a completely different side of him. We both exited the car and I knew he was going to get to his own car now. “As much as I’d love to take a shower with you and wash the dirt off of you, I got to go. Thank you for today you know.. I’ll call you.” He hugged me. “You want to take a shower with me, too?” I said, not realizing I just actually said it out loud. “What?” - “N-nothin. Okay… Call me.” I said. He kissed my forehead and he walked to his car and I walked to mine.


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Sweet Temper, Chapter One

"Mom, I get it, you’d rather have me with you for the month that we can’t be home, but Jazmyn’s and I would have such a great time together! Her parents are amazing! I mean.. not as amazing as you and Dad, but.." I started, but Joan, my mom, wouldn’t let me finish. "Sweetheart, I know she’s your best friend, but I really don’t think this is a great idea! You can also have a great time in the Hotel near your grandma. You can meet nice people there too!" She started. Mooooom I wanted to say, but it wouldn’t bring me far.

"Mom, just hear me out! Her house is huge, we’ll have to clean a lot on our own, she has to cook more often than me, I could learn a lot, it’ll be a great experience! I’m growing up and I’ll really learn so much! I will visit you and Dad, I promise. Please, just let me go there for that month. It’ll be over fast and we’ll be back at home together sooner than you think. Please, just do me this favor! I’m seventeen years old!" My mom sighed, before she finally looked me in the eyes and answered "Fine! But the moment you do something stupid or I hear one bad thing from Jazmyn’s parents, you’ll live at your Grandparents’ house!"

I hugged her and jumped up and down. This was going to be the best time of my life!!! Well… at least that’s what I thought …

I quickly grabbed my stuff, called Jaz to let her know about the news. As soon as I heard her pick up I Eeeeped into the phone and she did the same. “You can stay here?” She shouted in excitement. “Yes!” After we talked about how amazing this was going to be, I put my things into my dads car. I hugged and kissed my mom goodbye. It wasn’t easy, but she wasn’t showing when she was sad or worried as much as my dad did. I honked for him to finally come into the car and start driving.

"You can’t wait to get away from us, huh?" He said after he sat behind the steering wheel, jokingly, but his eyes quite a bit worried. "I’ll always be your girl dad. And I said I’m going to visit you and mom, so don’t look at me as if you’re never going to see me again." I said. He started driving. After about eight minutes we arrived. "I love you, dad. Have some good time with mom, don’t worry about me, alright? And don’t be upset I’m just a few car minutes away." I said. It wasn’t true, it was a 30 minute way without much traffic. But whatever. I hugged him and we both gave each other a kiss on the cheek. I told him to drive right off after I got my things out of the car so it would be eassier for us. I loved my parents, even tho they can be really annoying or embarrassing.

I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Jazmyn’s house was huge and really modern and pretty. If we needed time off of each other, it wasn’t difficult. As soon as the door opened I jumped on the person, not even watching who it was. I hugged the person who smelled really good hard, until I realized it was not Jazmyn. I got off to face Justin, Jazmyn’s brother, who was smirking down at me. He was ne of those popular basketball players on our school. He was annoying most of the time I was here or he had some bitch around. We never really talked much, tough. And of course he had to be too good looking for someone I should have to strongly dislike. 

I didn’t really think of Justin when Jazmyn told me I could stay at her house. “I didn’t expect you to be so excited to see me.” He said in a deep voice. “I… I’m sorry, I thought you were Jaz.” We awkwardly stood there for a while, but I finally spoke up. “Can I… Come in?” I asked. “I don’t know, can you?” He said, still smirking. Douchebag.

"Jus-" I started, but his mom came to the door and smiled bright at me. "Ariana! Come in! Are you hungry?" She said, warmly. Pattie was always one of the nicest people I’ve known. "Thank you!" I said, making a face to Justin. "No, I already ate. Thank you so much I can stay here! This is so much better than a weird Hotel filled with old people who are in a bad mood." I then said. She laughed.

After a while Pattie told me that Jazmyn was in the shower and a few minutes after she came down the stairs. She made a Sound and ran right in my direction after she saw me sitting on the couch and jumped on me as I planned when she would’ve opened the door.


I got my own room, two rooms away from Jazmyn’s. It wasn’t super big, but yet nice. Light yellow painted walls, a small TV, a table I could do my homework on, a cupboard and a small bed. Smiling, I put my things all around the room, glad my parents really said yes.

Jaz helped me with my clothes and all the other things I’ve brought here. “I’ll have to meet Nick in around an hour. You’re going to be alone for around two to three hours, is that alright for you? You know I promised him to-” I cut her off. “It’s okay, have fun.” I smiled, knowing she had to get ready and start to drive off in around thirty minutes. Nick was her boyfriend since two weeks… She was wearing her pink glasses. They were cute together and Nick seemed to be good to her. I’ve only met him once. He didn’t go to our school.

After I hugged her goodbye I walked up to “my” room again. I grabbed my phone, wanting to let my parents know everything was alright with a text message. After I hit the “send” button, the words of Rihanna’s Song “cake” hung in my room, played out really loud. It obviously was Justin. Annoyed I stepped out of my room, finding out Justin’s was next to mine. "Girl I wanna fuck you right now, been a long time I’ve been missing your body." Chris Brown’s voice was on now. Sighing I knocked on his door. Repeating this three times. He didn’t hear me. Is he deaf or what?

Well that would explain the loud music. It could also be a reason for him being deaf. Who listens to music this loud at home? Go to a Club or something if you want music this loud! I sighed again, deciding to just step in and let him know that his music was too loud. I opened the door and started, “Justin could you plea- Oh god I’m sorry I didn’t even see anything!” I shouted now, running out again, slamming the door closed. Well him being there with some girl fully making out and what not was worse than having his music get me deaf. I ran into my room, sat on the bed and put my head into my hands, groaning in frustration. What a great first day, I thought to myself.

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Fleur rebelle, Chapter 8

I sighed in relief as I realized that it was just my phone ringing. Well it was the part of Scary movie where nothing happens and then they’re like screaming What’s uuuuup! “Hey, I have to see who’s calling me.” I said, trying to shove him off of me. He gave in and I saw it was my mom. “Mom, where are you?!” I asked. She explained that she was going out with friends and would stay over at her friend, Jolene’s house. “Alright mom.. Have fun… Yeah… good night.”

I got back on the bed and told Justin what my mom was calling for. We quickly put our energy into cuddling and kissing again. Justin hovered back over me and started to give me kisses on my neck again, making me moan. His fingers started to skin up the outlines of my covered clit, making me moan once again. “Justin?” I whispered. “Hmmm?” He breathed into my ear. “I don’t…” I started. “Sh, Baby, it’s fine, I’m not gonna hurt you. Relax, okay?”

"Ooh wait, so this is what you’re here for? To prove me that you could get it? You know what? Leave!" I said, trying to shove him off of me again. "Babe…" He started, but I cut him off. "No! Just.. leave or you’ll just make it worse!"

He looked at me and then left my room. I heard him close the door. I let myself fall on my bed, sighing. I tried to fall asleep again as my phone beeps. Don’t be mad. I didn’t only visit u for that u know… Justin’s text message said. “Stop texting me, I’m tryng to sleep!" I texted back.

My phone beeped one more time. Sleep well, Baby. His text message said. As if I could sleep now. An Idiot sneaked into my house!!! I responded. My phone beeped again, but this time it was a call. “What do you want?” I hissed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted to see you.” He sighed. “I really lik-” He started. “Justin…?” I cut him off. “..Yeah?” - “Can you come over?” I asked. After a while he let out a deep breath. “Sure.” And he hung off.

Someone knocked on the door, probably Justin, I thought to myself. I opened the door and got surprised by a friend of my mom, a police officer. “Is everything alright, Ariana? Your mom wanted me to check on you tonight.” Goddamn it mom I’m not ten years old anymore! I mentally shouted at my mom. “Yeah, you just kind of woke me up.” I answered, trying to sound as tired as I could. “Alright. I’m sorry, I’m gonna let you sleep then. Bye!” He said and walked back to his car.

I closed the door, sighed and walked back up to my room as suddenly someone appeared in front of me at the top of the staurcase and I tripped and got ready to hit on the floor, but someone cought me at the right time. “Oh my god Justin!” I cried out. “You need to work on this because I don’t think I can handle any more heart attacks tonight.” He smiled bright and then told me he was sorry.

"It’s okay.. I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.. I was overacting." I said. He looked at me confused. "What? I can say I’m sorry too!". Back in my room I climbed into my bed and let Justin know he could do the same after he made his way to a chair.

He undressed, except of his Boxers and lay down next to me. “It’s not easy to try to fall asleep when your butt is pressed against me like that.” He said after a while. I quickly turned around. “I didn’t say it was bad though.” He winked. “Shut up!” I said, punching him playfully. He laughed.


I woke up with Ariana’s lips pressed against my chest. I thought it was her way to say good morning, but she was still asleep. I wondered how we were even able to fall asleep this tangled in each other. I tried to get out, but I’d wake her up and she looked like an angel asleep. What do I do? Men problems… “You’re so hot.” She mumbled against my chest, slowly opening her eyes. “You’re not bad yourself.” I winked at her. “I didn’t mean it that way, but thanks!” She laughed.

I got up and she asked me where I’d be going. “I’ll be right back, don’t worry.” I wanted to take a shower and soon after I let the water rush I heard two voices. Oh fuck her mom.


"I know, I didn’t mean to waste a lot of water, but I don’t want to step into a super cold shower, you know?" I tried to explain as if this was normal. "Then go take your shower now, you’re not the one who has to pay the bills!" I rushed into the bathroom and was glad my mom didn’t notice Justin’s clothes on my chair and left my room. "You can join me, if you want to." Justin said, but I walked back to my room again. "Alright!" Justin shouted from the bathroom.

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Catch me if you can, Chapter 17

"Sure! I’d love to!" I responded. He smiled and waved us goodbye. The teacher of Vanessa’s french class allowed me to join the class for that day. We had to listen to a french Song and then try to translate the french lyrics into english lyrics. I can’t really speak much french, even though Paris is like my favorite place to travel.

Class ended quickly and we made our way out of school. “So, what’s going on with your friend? … Zayn?” She asked. “Zayn?? Uh, nothing, why do you ask?” I replied, confused. “Why?” - “I don’t know… He looks good.” She said, laughing. “So you’re not into him or anything?” - “Uhm, yea no, I don’t know, everything became a mess between us, but we’re on a good way and well I don’t know. But I guess not really?” I said and Vanessa nodded in response.

I gave Vanessa a hug and put out the key to get home.

"Mom? Frankie?" I shouted out to see if anyone was home. "Hey, are you hungry?" Frankie said while stepping out of the living room. "Did you cook something?" I asked. "No…" He answered. I rolled my eyes. "We can order something." He suggested. "Good idea! Can you call? I’d like to take a shower! I want the Spaghetti Carbonara, alright?" I said, making my way to my room. I dropped off my school bag, took the bathrobe off my door and then visited the bathroom. I put my clothes into the clothes basket and stepped into the shower. The water was cold at the beginning, which made me hiss, but it quickly turned into warm water.

I washed my hair, shaved and tried to make my shower-stage-performance as short as I could, because it seemed like the food was delivered already, I mean I heard someone ring the doorbell.


"How’s work going? I didn’t ask you yet!" I asked Frankie as I blew my Spaghetti cold. "It’s going great! I passed a casting and I’m going to be in a movie with Jennifer Aniston! Can you imagine that? I freaked out!" - "Seriously? I knew you’d be doing well! They’re be idiots if they didn’t take you! What’s your charcacter?"

He told me that he’s going to be Jennifer’s brother who comes out of jail and blah blah. It seemed interesting and he promised me to take me with him on Set sometime.

We finished our meals and decided to go to the movies. “Let’s watch Grown-ups 2! I heard it’s so much better than the first part!” I said. Frankie insisted on some romantic movie, but I wasn’t in the mood to start crying, so I kept telling him the pro’s of my suggestion and the con’s of his. He finally gave in and enjoyed the movie.

After the movie finished we were in a heating argumentation about Taylor Lautner, who surprisingly appeared in the movie.

Back home I told him about Zayn asking me out on friday and tried to convince him that it was not a date. “I love you, you know. But you couldn’t be more wrong! That’s definetly a date!” He kept saying and didn’t even listen to what I had to say anymore. Somehow the whole thing turned into a tickling-fight and I threw a pillow after Frankie and it didn’t hit him but the plants behind him. “That’s all your fauhlt!” I screamed. We had a fun night and fell asleep on the couch somewhen between 12pm and I don’t care anymore.


I was in a rush so I wouldn’t be late for school. “Ariana! Wait up!” Vanessa shouted and tried to catch up with me, almost running. “You’re not one of the people who get too school way too early, huh?” I joked. “But you don’t seem like one of those either!” She answered, sticking out her tongue.


School went by really quickly and I almost didn’t realize it was already friday. My phone beeped to let me know I got a text message. "You’re still gonna come tonight? x" - Zayn

I tried not to think about it too much the past vew days. Was I really ready to already go to a party with Zayn? Was is it really a good idea? Probably not, but this was the night we’d either be better friends again, or stop being friends..

Chainless, Chapter 6

"Oh my god!" I breathed out after we reached the right story and Justin let me down. "You just carried me up to the fifth story! I-?!?!" - "It’s not a big deal, Babe." He answered, smiling. "Yes it is!" I asnwered. "Come on, let’s go!" He said, waiting for me to grab his hand. No one ever carried me up to the fifth story… Only when I was a kid, lazy to walk up. I sometimes pretended my stomach hurt because I used to eat a lot of candy when we visited relatives or friends of my family.

We walked through a lot of small corridors that made me feel slightly uncomfortable. He didn’t ever let go of my hand and he seemed to notice whenever I felt uncomfortable, because that was when he held my hand a little tighter, even though he kept saying hello to a lot of people and even hugged a few. We finally arrived Backstage, where he also greeted some people. That was when he let go of my hand. Justin sat down on a dark red leather Couch and motioned for me to sit next to him, so I did. “Are you excited?” I asked. “Usually not, but maybe a bit.” He answered. “Why are you excited now?” - “Just a bit… Because I know you are here.” He answered.

More and more people entered the Backstage Area and Justin greeted what felt like a billion more people. Then there were Scooter, Alfredo, Lil Twist and others who were all closer to Justin. I felt welcome and everyone was super nice. Justin had to get dressed for his Show that was about to start in just a few more minutes and my excitement grew. Even though I’ve already seen him life… He was just so amazing during his Shows and I loved seeing him perform.


"Now welcome…. Justin Bieber!" The woman on Stage said and the audience was going crazy. He performed three Songs, then another artist was going on Stage, but I just wanted to tell Justin how well he did. He finally came backstage. I immediately hugged him tight. "Babe, I’m sweaty." He said, but not moving. "I don’t care." We kept hugging each other for a while. "You were doing great. I’m so proud of you." I said. He kissed my forehead. "I need to go back on Stage." - "Okay."  I said. "You need to let me go, Babe." - "Fine." I sighed, hugging him tighter for a second, then letting him go.

He performed two other Songs and then went to another room to put on other clothes. I leaned against a wall of the many corridors and waited. There he finally was again after about ten minutes. “I thought you were gone already.” He said, clearly glad that I was still here. “You looked hot on Stage, Babe!” I said and slowly regretting that I actually called him Babe. “You look so good.” He said, stepping closer. His voice hoarse. He placed one hand next to my head on the wall and leaned closer to my ear. “Fuck, I want you so bad.” He whispered.

"Justin!" Alfredo said, stepping in through a door. "Hey man!" Justin answered and they hugged each other. They seemed to talk about an upcomming Party or event. Alfredo looked at me, then nodded and looked back at Justin. Oh god please don’t talk about me!

Alfredo left and Justin grabbed my hand. We walked back through all those rooms and doors and reached the staircase again. “You’re not gonna carry me down again are you?” I said, jokingly. “I am.” He answered. “I’m gonna walk down on my own. You just performed and already carried me up here. I don’t want to take all the energy you have left.” I answered. “I wouldn’t mind if you…” I rolled my eyes in response and started walking down the first steps.

In front of the door I told Justin to wait so that I could hide my face again after I already heard tons of people on the other side of the door. I put out the beanie, glasses and jacket of my bag and put everything on. He grabbed my hand once again. It felt so weird and I was kind of scared, to be honest. I probably couldn’t really live when there where Paparazzi around everywhere I went.

We sat in a huge Jeep. “Justin, I need to take my own car!” I said. He opened the door again and luckily quickly ran to my car. He drove.

"Where are we going?" I asked, but I didn’t really mind.

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Fleur Rebelle, Chapter 7

My eyes were heavy and I finally fell asleep, but my eyes quickly swung open again to a cracking Sound. I often heard cracks and things like that when I tried to fall asleep. So, as always, I looked around my room and checked if my window was closed or not. It was. I sighed and rolled back in bed, trying to convince myself that there’s nothing to be scared of. That’s when I heard another Sound. It was probably my mom. She used to watch some TV Show that were on late, but I had to make sure what it was, so I got out of my bed and opened my door, trying to make no Sound at all.

My mom was nowhere to be found and there were no lights on. Maybe she went to bed earlier than I did? I decided to simply go back to bed. Nothing seemed unusual, my mom’s bedroom door was closed, so that’s just the proof that she went to sleep. I walked up the stairs and that was when I heard another crack. I was about to turn around when someone put a hand on my mouth and I closed my eyes.

I lightly opened them again and was glad it was only Justin who let go of my mouth. “Justin! You scared me to death! Are you crazy! What are you doing here! My mom is at home! How did you even get in here?! You are crazy what the hell is wrong with you! I thought I’m going to die tonight!” I whisper-shouted. “Sh, Baby. I’m sorry. Your mom left about ten minutes ago. She didn’t look like she was gonna get back any time soon and the door wasn’t locked.” He answered, laughing. I just stood there, shocked. “Did you wait all night in front of our house or what?… Anyway, what are you doing here?” - “I think you know what I’m here for…” He whispered and shoved me against the wall, our lips almost touching. When I thought I should be feeling his lips already, I opened my eyes to see that he stopped right there. Asshole. He kept hovering over me, his hands holding me in place. I couldn’t take it anymore and that was when I crushed my lips to his, feeling completely awake again. His soft lips moved like they were made to kiss me.

After some time, our breathing becomming heavier, he whispered, “I knew you wanted me.” I felt his grin against my cheeks. I pushed him away and tried to run to my room as fast as I could, but he was obviously faster than me because he arrived faster than I did. Fucking asshole thinks he can get anything whenever he wants…

"Baby, are you mad? Don’t be mad!" He pouted. I gave him my death glare and sighed. "Why are you mad?" He asked. "Because you’re being a cocky asshole!" but you look super cute with a pout so don’t pout or my angryness will fade away and I’m getting more angry because of it! I thought to myself. Then he shoved me back against a wall and whispered “Damn Baby, you’re so fucking sexy when you’re mad.” and started to grind on me. I was so mad at him, but it slowly faded away as I started to join his grinding. A moan escaped my mouth and I felt his boner on my thigh. I placed soft kisses on his neck and he groaned and then moaned “I need you… right now.” into my ear and picked me up. I slung my legs around his waist and he carried me to the bed. The material of the matress gave in under our weight.

Justin kissed down my neck but we both got scared by a loud Sound that interrupted us…. Oooh

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